Class SolidBrush

SolidBrush class

Solid brush is intended for drawing continiously with specific color. This class cannot be inherited.

public sealed class SolidBrush : Brush


SolidBrush()Initializes a new instance of the SolidBrush class.
SolidBrush(Color)Initializes a new instance of the SolidBrush class.


Color { get; set; }Gets or sets the brush color.
Disposed { get; }Gets a value indicating whether this instance is disposed.
Opacity { get; set; }Gets or sets the brush opacity. The value should be between 0 and 1. Value of 0 means that brush is fully visible, value of 1 means the brush is fully opaque.


virtual DeepClone()Creates a new deep clone of the current Brush.
Dispose()Disposes the current instance.


This example uses Graphics class to create primitive shapes on the Image surface. To demonstrate the operation, the example creates a new Image in PSD format and draw primitive shapes on Image surface using Draw methods exposed by Graphics class then export it to PSD file format.


//Create an instance of Image 
using (Aspose.PSD.Image image = new Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd.PsdImage(500, 500))
    //Create and initialize an instance of Graphics class
    Aspose.PSD.Graphics graphics = new Aspose.PSD.Graphics(image);

    //Clear Graphics surface

    //Draw an Arc by specifying the Pen object having Black color, 
    //a Rectangle surrounding the Arc, Start Angle and Sweep Angle
    graphics.DrawArc(new Pen(Color.Black, 2), new Rectangle(200, 200, 100, 200), 0, 300);

    //Draw a Bezier by specifying the Pen object having Blue color and co-ordinate Points.
    graphics.DrawBezier(new Pen(Color.Blue, 2), new Point(250, 100), new Point(300, 30), new Point(450, 100), new Point(235, 25));

    //Draw a Curve by specifying the Pen object having Green color and an array of Points
    graphics.DrawCurve(new Pen(Color.Green, 2), new[] { new Point(100, 200), new Point(100, 350), new Point(200, 450) });

    //Draw an Ellipse using the Pen object and a surrounding Rectangle
    graphics.DrawEllipse(new Pen(Color.Yellow, 2), new Rectangle(300, 300, 100, 100));

    //Draw a Line 
    graphics.DrawLine(new Pen(Color.Violet, 2), new Point(100, 100), new Point(200, 200));

    //Draw a Pie segment
    graphics.DrawPie(new Pen(Color.Silver, 2), new Rectangle(new Point(200, 20), new Size(200, 200)), 0, 45);

    //Draw a Polygon by specifying the Pen object having Red color and an array of Points
    graphics.DrawPolygon(new Pen(Color.Red, 2), new[] { new Point(20, 100), new Point(20, 200), new Point(220, 20) });

    //Draw a Rectangle
    graphics.DrawRectangle(new Pen(Color.Orange, 2), new Rectangle(new Point(250, 250), new Size(100, 100)));

    //Create a SolidBrush object and set its various properties
    Aspose.PSD.Brushes.SolidBrush brush = new Aspose.PSD.Brushes.SolidBrush();
    brush.Color = Color.Purple;
    brush.Opacity = 100;

    //Draw a String using the SolidBrush object and Font, at specific Point
    graphics.DrawString("This image is created by Aspose.PSD API", new Font("Times New Roman", 16), brush, new PointF(50, 400));

    //Create an instance of PngOptions and set its various properties
    Aspose.PSD.ImageOptions.PngOptions pngOptions = new Aspose.PSD.ImageOptions.PngOptions();

    // save all changes.
    image.Save("C:\\temp\\output.png", pngOptions);

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