The namespace contains exceptions thrown by any of the core PSD components.


CompressorExceptionThe compressor exception.
DataMissmatchErrorData mismatch exception class
FrameworkExceptionThe PSD framework exception. This class is a core class for all Aspose.PSD exceptions. Introduced to discriminate between the exceptions thrown by the Aspose.PSD engine and all other exception types.
ImageCreateExceptionThe image create exception. Occurs during image creation.
ImageExceptionThe image exception.
ImageLoadExceptionThe image load exception. Occurs during image loading.
ImageSaveExceptionThe image save exception. Occurs during image saving.
IndexOutOFRangeExceptionThe compressor exception.
LimitMemoryExceptionThe limit memory exception. Occurs when memory usage should be reduced.
OperationInterruptedExceptionOccurs when an operation is interrupted.
RdOptimizationErrorRD optimization error exception class
StreamReadExceptionThe stream reading exception. Caused when stream reading failed due to incorrect offset and bytes count request.
XmpExceptionThe exception that is thrown when XMP has invalid structure.