The namespace contains PSD file format type tool resource entities.


Class Description
AliasStructure The alias structure.
BooleanStructure The boolean structure.
ClassStructure The class structure.
DescriptorStructure The descriptor structure
DoubleStructure The double structure.
EnumeratedDescriptorStructure The enumerated descriptor structure.
EnumeratedReferenceStructure Enumerated reference structure.
IntegerStructure The integer structure.
ListStructure The list structure.
ObjectArrayStructure Defines the ObjectArrayStructure class that usually holds UnitArrayStructure array. It is used in the PSD file resources, such as PlLd Resource and SoLd Resource.
OffsetStructure The offset structure.
PathStructure The path structure.
PropertyStructure The property structure.
RawDataStructure The raw data structure.
ReferenceStructure The reference structure.
StringStructure The string structure.
UnitArrayStructure Defines the UnitArrayStructure class that holds Double values array and their measure unit. It is used in the PSD file resources, usually by ObjectArrayStructure.
UnitStructure The unit structure.
UnknownStructure The unknown structure.


Enumeration Description
UnitTypes The unit types.