LevlResource class

Class LevlResource. Resource of Exposure Adjustment Layer

public class LevlResource : AdjustmentLayerResource


Name Description
LevlResource() Initializes a new instance of the LevlResource class.
LevlResource(byte[]) Initializes a new instance of the LevlResource class. Supported in GrayScale, Duotone, RGB, CMYK, Lab color modes 2 bytes - Version (=2) 29 * 10 bytes - Sets of level records with 5 short integers 4 bytes - Lvls header (Starts at 292 index) 2 bytes - Version (=3) 2 bytes - Count of total level record 10 * (Total Count - 29) Zero ending of Lvls resource should be fold for four too


Name Description
override Key { get; } Gets the layer resource key.
override Length { get; } Gets the layer resource length in bytes.
override PsdVersion { get; } Gets the psd version.
override Signature { get; } Gets the signature.
Version { get; } Gets the version. Default is 2


Name Description
GetChannel(int) Gets the channel.
override Save(StreamContainer, int) Saves the resource to the specified stream container.
override ToString() Returns a String that represents this instance.


Name Description
const TypeToolKey The type tool info key.

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