SoCoResource class

Class SoCoResource. This resource contains information about Color Fill Layers

public class SoCoResource : FillLayerResource


Name Description
SoCoResource() Initializes a new instance of the SoCoResource class.


Name Description
Color { get; set; } Gets the RGB color .
override Key { get; } Gets the layer resource key.
override Length { get; } Gets the layer resource length in bytes.
override PsdVersion { get; } Gets the minimal psd version required for layer resource. 0 indicates no restrictions.
override Signature { get; } Gets the layer resource signature.


Name Description
override Save(StreamContainer, int) Saves the resource to the specified stream container.
override ToString() Returns a String that represents this instance.


Name Description
const TypeToolKey The type tool info key.


The following example demonstrates how you edit SoCoResource (Layer Resource for Color Fill Layer)


string sourceFile = "ColorFillLayer.psd";
string outputFile = "SoCoResource_Edited.psd";

// Load an existing image into an instance of PsdImage class
var im = (PsdImage)Image.Load(sourceFile);

using (im)
    foreach (var layer in im.Layers)
        // Finding of FillLayer
        if (layer is FillLayer)
            var fillLayer = (FillLayer)layer;
            foreach (var resource in fillLayer.Resources)
                // Finding of SoCoResource in Layer Resource List
                if (resource is SoCoResource)
                    var socoResource = (SoCoResource)resource;
                    var expectedColor = Color.FromArgb(63, 83, 141);
                    if ((expectedColor.R != socoResource.Color.R) ||
                        (expectedColor.G != socoResource.Color.G) ||
                        (expectedColor.B != socoResource.Color.B) ||
                        (expectedColor.A != socoResource.Color.A))
                        throw new Exception("Unexpected color");

                    // Setting the SoCoResource Color property
                    socoResource.Color = Color.Red;

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