The namespace contains PSD file format resource entities.


Class Description
BackgroundColorResource The resource with border information of image print settings.
BorderInformationResource The resource with border information of image print settings.
CaptionDigestResource CaptionDigest resource
ColorHalftoneInformationResource Halftoning resource
ColorTransferFunctionsResource Color transfer resource
DocumentSpecificIdsResource Document Specific Ids resource
FixedPointDecimal Fixed-point decimal, with 16-bit integer and 16-bit fraction.
GlobalAltitudeResource Global altitude resource
GlobalAngleResource Global angle resource
GridAndGuidesResouce Represents the grid and guides resource.
GuideResource The guide resource block.
IccProfileResource Represents the ICC profile resource.
IccUntaggedResource Icc untagged resource
LayerGroupInformationResource Layer group information resource
LayerGroupsEnabledResource Layer groups enabled resource
LayerSelectionIdsResource Layer selection ids resource
LayerStateInformationResource Layer state information resource
PixelAspectRatioResource Pixel aspect ration resource
PrintFlagsResource Print flags resource
PrintScaleResource Print Scale resource
QuickMaskInformationResource Quick mask information resource
ResolutionInfoResource The resolution info resource
Thumbnail4Resource Represents the thumbnail resource for psd 4.0.
ThumbnailResource The thumbnail resource block.
TransparencyIndexResource The transparency index resource block.
UnicodeAlphaNamesResource Unicode alpha names resource
UnknownResource The unknown resource. When a resource block is not recognized then this resource block is created.
UrlListResource Url list resource
VersionInfoResource Version Info resource
WatermarkResource Watermark resource
WorkingPathResource Working path resource.
XmpResource Represents the XMP metadata resource.


Enumeration Description
GuideDirection The guide direction.
ThumbnailFormat Specifies thumbnail data format.