The namespace handles Psd file format processing.


Class Description
PsdColorPalette The PSD color palette.
PsdImage Defines the PsdImage class that provides the ability to load, edit, save PSD files as well as update properties, add watermarks, perform graphics operations or convert one file format to another. Aspose.PSD supports import as a layer and export to the following formats: Png, Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Gif, Bmp, Tiff, Psd, Psb along with export to Pdf with selectable text
ResourceBlock The resource block.
SmartObjectProvider Defines the smart object provider that provides getting / setting data sources from global link resources of the PSD file and their contents.


Enumeration Description
AutoKerning The Photoshop auto kerning mode (distance between symbols).
ColorModes Represents the psd file format color modes.
CompressionMethod Defines the compression method used for image data.
FontBaseline This is the font baseline.
FontCaps This is the font baseline.
JustificationMode The text alignment mode.
LeadingMode Photoshop leading mode (distance between lines)
PsdVersion File format version