The namespace contains Tiff file format enumerations.


Group3OptionsOptions for CCITT Group 3/4 fax encoding. Possible values for GROUP3OPTIONS / TiffTag.T4OPTIONS and TiffTag.GROUP4OPTIONS / TiffTag.T6OPTIONS tags.
TiffAlphaStorageSpecifies the alpha storage for tiff documents.
TiffByteOrderThe byte order for the tiff image
TiffCompressionsHolds compression types
TiffDataTypesThe tiff data type enum.
TiffExpectedFormatThe expected tiff file format.
TiffFileStandardsSpecifies the TIFF file format standards.
TiffFillOrdersData order within a byte. Possible values for FILLORDER tag.
TiffNewSubFileTypesThe tiff new sub file type enum.
TiffOrientationsImage orientation. Possible values for ORIENTATION tag.
TiffPhotometricsPhotometric interpolation enum
TiffPlanarConfigsStorage organization. Possible values for PLANARCONFIG tag.
TiffPredictorPrediction scheme for LZW
TiffResolutionUnitsTiff Resolution Unit Enum
TiffSampleFormatsSample format enum
TiffTagsThe tiff tag enum.
TiffThresholdsThresholding used on data.