ColorantCmyk class

Represents CMYK Colorant.

public sealed class ColorantCmyk : ColorantBase


Name Description
ColorantCmyk() Initializes a new instance of the ColorantCmyk class.
ColorantCmyk(float, float, float, float) Initializes a new instance of the ColorantCmyk class.


Name Description
Black { get; set; } Gets or sets the black component value.
ColorType { get; set; } Gets or sets the type of the color.
Cyan { get; set; } Gets or sets the cyan component value.
Magenta { get; set; } Gets or sets the magenta component value.
Mode { get; } Gets ColorMode.
NamespaceUri { get; } Gets the default namespace URI.
Prefix { get; } Gets the prefix.
SwatchName { get; set; } Gets or sets the name of the swatch.
Yellow { get; set; } Gets or sets the yellow component value.


Name Description
override GetXmpRepresentation() Gets the string contained value in XMP format.


Name Description
const ColorValueMax Color max value in CMYK colorant.
const ColorValueMin Color min value in CMYK colorant.

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