The namespace is the core for nested namespaces and the most basic objects used for Aspose.PSD processing.


AggregateExceptionAggregates multiple exceptions.
BlendDefines a blend pattern. This class cannot be inherited.
BrushThe base brush class.
BuildVersionInfoContains the current build version information.
CacheContains cache settings.
CmykColorHelperHelper methods to work with CMYK color presented as a signed 32-bit integer value. Provides the similar API as the CmykColor struct. It’s more lightweight because CMYK color is presented just as Int32 rather than structure with internal fields. Please prefer to use static methods of this class when possible instead of the deprecated CmykColor struct.
ColorBlendDefines arrays of colors and positions used for interpolating color blending in a multicolor gradient. This class cannot be inherited.
ColorMapDefines a map for converting colors. Several methods of the ImageAttributes class adjust image colors by using a color-remap table, which is an array of ColorMap structures. Not inheritable.
ColorMatrixDefines a 5 x 5 matrix that contains the coordinates for the RGBA space. Several methods of the ImageAttributes class adjust image colors by using a color matrix. This class cannot be inherited.
ColorPaletteDefines an array of colors that make up a color palette. The colors are 32-bit ARGB colors. Not inheritable.
ColorPaletteHelperHelper class for color palettes manipulation.
ColorTranslatorTranslates colors to and from GDI+ Color structures. This class cannot be inherited.
CompositeExceptionThe composite exception
CustomLineCapEncapsulates a custom user-defined line cap.
DataStreamSupporterThe data stream container.
DisposableObjectRepresents disposable object.
FigureThe figure. A container for shapes.
FileStreamContainerHelper for file stream processing.
FontDefines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes. This class cannot be inherited.
FontSettingsGeneral PSD vector formats renderer font settings.
GraphicsRepresents the graphics according to the graphics engine used in the current assembly.
GraphicsPathRepresents a series of connected lines and curves. This class cannot be inherited.
ImageThe image is the base class for all type of images.
ImageAttributesAn ImageAttributes object contains information about how bitmap and metafile colors are manipulated during rendering. An ImageAttributes object maintains several color-adjustment settings, including color-adjustment matrices, grayscale-adjustment matrices, gamma-correction values, color-map tables, and color-threshold values. During rendering, colors can be corrected, darkened, lightened, and removed. To apply such manipulations, initialize an ImageAttributes object and pass the path of that ImageAttributes object (along with the path of an Image) to the DrawImage method.
ImageCreatorsRegistryRepresents the image creators registry.
ImageExportersRegistryRepresents the image exporters registry.
ImageLoadersRegistryRepresents the image loaders registry.
ImageOptionsBaseThe image base options.
ImageResizeSettingsImage resize settings class
IntRangeClass for representing sequence of elements
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LoadOptionsRepresents the loading options.
MatrixReplaces the GDI+ Matrix.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
NonGenericDictionaryRepresents a non generic dictionary.
NonGenericListNon generic list of objects
ObjectWithBoundsThe object having bounds.
OpenTypeFontsCacheCache for OpenType fonts that are installed in the system.
PenDefines an object used to draw lines, curves and figures.
PixelDataFormatThe pixel data format. This is an immutable object.
PixelsDataThe class to store image pixels data and its bounds.
PluginLicenseExceptionException for Plugin License
ProgressEventHandlerProgress event handler function reference
RasterCachedImageRepresents a raster image supporting raster graphics operations. This image caches pixel data when required.
RasterImageRepresents a raster image supporting raster graphics operations.
RawDataSettingsThe raw data settings
RegionDescribes the interior of a graphics shape composed of rectangles and paths. This class cannot be inherited.
ResolutionSettingThe resolution setting for image save options.
ShapeThe shape. A continuous set of points connected using a specific rule.
ShapeSegmentRepresents a shape segment. A segment is a line or curve connecting two points.
SourceThe source is used to contain all relevant information for an object pipe.
SplitStreamContainerRepresents split stream container which contains the stream and provides stream processing routines.
StreamContainerRepresents stream container which contains the stream and provides stream processing routines.
StringFormatEncapsulates text layout information (such as alignment, orientation and tab stops) display manipulations (such as ellipsis insertion and national digit substitution) and OpenType features. This class cannot be inherited.
TransparencySupporterThe object supporting transparency.
VectorImageThe vector image is the base class for all type of vector images.


CmykColorThe CMYK color of pixel.
ColorThe color of the pixel.
PointRepresents an ordered pair of integer x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
PointFRepresents an ordered pair of floating-point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
RectangleStores a set of four integers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
RectangleFStores a set of four floating-point numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
SizeRepresents size.
SizeFStores an ordered pair of floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a rectangle.


IAdvancedBufferProcessorThe advanced buffer processor.
IBufferProcessorThe buffer processor.
IColorConverterThe color converter.
IColorPaletteThe color palette interface.
IImageCreatorThe image creator.
IImageCreatorDescriptorThe image creator descriptor specifying the creator properties. The creator descriptor is used to overcome the necessity to contain each image creator instance in memory and multithreading issues.
IImageDescriptorThe image descriptor. Contains base properties and methods for all other image descriptor types.
IImageExporterThe image exporter. Can export data from internal Aspose.PSD format to a specified data format.
IImageExporterDescriptorRepresents the image exporter descriptor. The exporter descriptor is used to overcome the necessity to contain each exporter instance in memory and multithreading issues.
IImageLoaderThe image loader.
IImageLoaderDescriptorThe image loader descriptor specifying the loader properties. The loader descriptor is used to overcome the necessity to contain each image loader instance in memory and multithreading issues.
IIndexedColorConverterThe color converter for indexed image formats.
IKeyedObjectRepresents interface for objects with keys.
IObjectWithBoundsRepresents an object with bounds.
IOrderedShapeRepresents an ordered shape. An ordered shape is a continuous set of points having a start point and end point. The continuous set of points connected using a specific rule.
IPartialArgb32PixelLoaderConforms to the 32-bit ARGB pixels loaded partially.
IPartialArgb64PixelLoaderThe 64-bit ARGB pixels loader.
IPartialPixelLoaderConforms to the pixels loaded partially.
IPartialRawDataLoaderThe partial data loader.
IPsdColorPaletteThe pasd color palette
IRasterImageArgb32PixelLoaderThe raster image 32-bit ARGB pixel loader.
IRasterImagePixelLoaderThe raster image pixel loader.
IRasterImageRawDataLoaderThe raster image raw data loader.


CacheTypeSpecifies the cache type to use.
CharacterSetRepresents the character set used.
ColorAdjustTypeSpecifies which objects use color adjustment information.
ColorChannelFlagSpecifies individual channels in the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color space. This enumeration is used by the SetOutputChannel methods.
ColorCompareMethodColor comparison method to adjust to nearest neighbor
ColorMatrixFlagSpecifies the types of images and colors that will be affected by the color and grayscale adjustment settings of an ImageAttributes.
ColorQuantizationMethodColors quantization methods
CompositingQualitySpecifies the quality level to use during compositing.
DashCapSpecifies the type of graphic shape to use on both ends of each dash in a dashed line.
DashStyleSpecifies the style of dashed lines drawn with a Pen object.
DataRecoveryModeThe data recovery mode.
DitheringMethodDithering method.
DitheringMethodsThe dithering methods used to control color conversion.
FileFormatOne of supported PSD file formats.
FillModeSpecifies how the interior of a closed path is filled.
FontStyleSpecifies style information applied to text.
GraphicsUnitSpecifies the unit of measure for the given data.
HatchStyleSpecifies the different patterns available for HatchBrush objects.
HotkeyPrefixSpecifies the type of display for hot-key prefixes that relate to text.
ImageFilterTypeImage filters to use
InterpolationModeThe InterpolationMode enumeration specifies the algorithm that is used when images are scaled or rotated.
KnownColorSpecifies the known system colors.
LineCapSpecifies the available cap styles with which a Pen object can end a line.
LineJoinSpecifies how to join consecutive line or curve segments in a figure (subpath) contained in a GraphicsPath object.
MatrixOrderSpecifies the order for matrix transform operations.
PdfComplianceVersionSpecifies the PDF compliance level to output file.
PenAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a Pen object in relation to the theoretical, zero-width line.
PenTypeSpecifies the type of fill a Pen object uses to fill lines.
PixelFormatThe pixel data format actual meaning.
ResizeTypeSpecifies the resize type.
ResolutionUnitResolution unit enum.
RotateFlipTypeSpecifies how much an image is rotated and the axis used to flip the image.
SeekOriginProvides the fields that represent reference points in StreamContainer for seeking.
SmoothingModeSpecifies whether smoothing (antialiasing) is applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
StringAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a text string relative to its layout rectangle.
StringDigitSubstituteThe enumeration specifies how to substitute digits in a string according to a user’s locale or language.
StringFormatFlagsSpecifies the display and layout information for text strings.
StringTrimmingSpecifies how to trim characters from a string that does not completely fit into a layout shape.
TextRenderingHintSpecifies the quality of text rendering.
WarpModeSpecifies the type of warp transformation applied.
WrapModeSpecifies how a texture or gradient is tiled when it is smaller than the area being filled.