The Aspose.Pub namespace provides classes describing PUB objects.


Class Description
BaseStyle Declares base functionality for PUB styles
BuildVersionInfo This class provides information about current product build.
DocSummaryInfo Document summary info
Document Represents PUB document, holds all fields and relevant values
License Provides methods to license the component.
MetaInfo Base class for summary info objects
ParagraphStyle This class describes style of PUB paragraph
PubFactory Factory for PUB objects
SummaryInfo Summary info
TextGroup Text group
TextParagraph Represents PUB text paragraph
TextStyle Describes PUB text style


Interface Description
IPdfConverter Declares functionality to convert PUB document into PDF document
IPubParser Declares functionality which parses publisher file and returns Document object as result of parsing.


Enumeration Description
AlignmentType Type of alignment
LineSpacingType Type of line spacing
SuperscriptType Type of superscript
UnderlineType Underline type