Document class

Represents PUB document, holds all fields and relevant values

public class Document


Name Description
Colors { get; } Array of colors
DefaultParagraphStyles { get; } Array of default paragraph styles
DefaultTextStyles { get; } Array of default text styles
DocumentSummaryInfo { get; } Document Summary Info
FieldCount { get; } Count of all fields
FontNames { get; } Array of font names
Height { get; } Height of document in PUB metrics(EMUs)
SummaryInfo { get; } Summary Info
Width { get; } Width of document in PUB metrics(EMUs)


Name Description
AddDefaultParagraphStyle(ParagraphStyle) Adds default paragraph style
AddDefaultTextStyle(TextStyle) Adds default text style
SetDocSummaryInfo(DocSummaryInfo) Sets document summary info
SetSummaryInfo(SummaryInfo) Sets summary info

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