SummaryInfo class

Summary info

public class SummaryInfo : MetaInfo


SummaryInfo()The default constructor.


AppName { get; }The name of the application that was used to create the document
Author { get; }The author of the document
CharCount { get; }The total number of characters in the document
Clsid { get; }CLSID identifier
CodePage { get; }Code page identifier
Comments { get; }Comments related the document
DocSecurity { get; }The document security ID Document security ID is a 32-bit signed integer representing a set of application-suggested access control flags with the following values: 0x00000001: Password protected 0x00000002: Read-only recommended 0x00000004: Read-only enforced 0x00000008: Locked for annotations
FMTID { get; }FMTID identifier
IsLittleEndian { get; }Is little endian
Keywords { get; }Keywords related to the document
LastAuthor { get; }The last author of the document
Locale { get; }Locale identifier
PageCount { get; }The total number of pages in the document
PropsCount { get; }Count of properties
PropsIdentifiers { get; }Identifiers of properties
RawByteOrder { get; }Raw byte order
RevNumber { get; }Application-specific revision number for this version of the document
Subject { get; }The subject of the document
SysID { get; }System identifier
Template { get; }Application-specific template from which the document was created
Title { get; }The title of the document
Version { get; }Version value
WordCount { get; }The total number of words in the document


GetProperty(uint)Gets property by ID passed
SetAuthor(string)Sets author of the document
SetComments(string)Sets comments related the document
SetKeywords(string)Sets keywords related to the document
SetLastAuthor(string)Sets last author of the document
SetSubject(string)Sets subject of the document
SetTitle(string)Sets title of the document

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