System::Enum< E, Guard > Member List

This is the complete list of members for System::Enum< E, Guard >, including all inherited members.

Compare(E a, T b)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
GetDescription(T value)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
GetName(T value)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
GetNames()System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
GetUnderlyingType()System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
GetValues()System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
HasFlag(E value, E mask)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
IsDefined(E value)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
IsDefined(T value)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
IsDefined(const String &name)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
Parse(const String &str, bool ignoreCase=false)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
TryParse(const String &str, E &result)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
TryParse(const String &str, bool ignoreCase, E &result)System::Enum< E, Guard >inlinestatic
UnderlyingType typedefSystem::Enum< E, Guard >