ChartData.SecondaryCategories property

Gets the secondary categories if UseSecondaryCategories property is true. Read-only IChartCategoryCollection.

public IChartCategoryCollection SecondaryCategories { get; }


If UseSecondaryCategories property is false then this SecondaryCategories property return null and data in Categories property is used both for primary and secondary series. If UseSecondaryCategories property is true then data in this SecondaryCategories property is used for secondary series and data in Categories property is used for primary series.


Example. What categories are related to series - ChartData.Categories or ChartData.SecondaryCategories?

if (series.PlotOnSecondAxis && series.Chart.ChartData.UseSecondaryCategories)
    // related categories are series.Chart.ChartData.SecondaryCategories
    // related categories are series.Chart.ChartData.Categories

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