IChart interface

Represents an graphic chart on a slide.

public interface IChart : IFormattedTextContainer, IGraphicalObject, IOverrideThemeable


AsIFormattedTextContainer { get; }Allows to get base IFormattedTextContainer interface. Read-only IFormattedTextContainer.
AsIGraphicalObject { get; }Allows to get base IGraphicalObject interface. Read-only IGraphicalObject.
AsIOverrideThemeable { get; }Returns IOverrideThemeable interface. Read-only IOverrideThemeable.
Axes { get; }Provide access to chart axes. Read-only IAxesManager.
BackWall { get; }Returns an object which allows to change format of the back wall of a 3D chart. Read-only IChartWall.
ChartData { get; }Returns information about the linked or embedded data associated with a chart. Read-only IChartData.
ChartDataTable { get; }Returns a data table of a chart. Read-only IDataTable.
ChartTitle { get; }Returns or sets a chart title Read-only IChartTitle.
DisplayBlanksAs { get; set; }Returns or sets the way to plot blank cells on a chart. Read/write DisplayBlanksAsType.
Floor { get; }Returns an object which allows to change format of the floor of a 3D chart. Read-only IChartWall.
HasDataTable { get; set; }Determines whether a chart has a data table. Read/write Boolean.
HasLegend { get; set; }Determines whether a chart has a legend. Read/write Boolean.
HasRoundedCorners { get; set; }Specifies the chart area shall have rounded corners. Read/write Boolean.
HasTitle { get; set; }Determines whether a chart has a visible title. Read/write Boolean.
Legend { get; }Returns or sets a legend for a chart. Read-only ILegend.
PlotArea { get; }Represents the plot area of a chart. Read-only IChartPlotArea.
PlotVisibleCellsOnly { get; set; }Determines whether the only visible cells are plotted. False to plot both visible and hidden cells. Read/write Boolean.
Rotation3D { get; }Returns a 3D rotation of a chart. Read-only IRotation3D.
ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum { get; set; }Specifies data labels over the maximum of the chart shall be shown. Read/write Boolean.
SideWall { get; }Returns an object which allows to change format of the side wall of a 3D chart. Read-only IChartWall.
Style { get; set; }Returns or sets the chart style. Read/write StyleType.
Type { get; set; }Returns or sets the chart type. Read/write ChartType.
UserShapes { get; }Specify the shapes drawn on top of the chart. Read-only IGroupShape.


ValidateChartLayout()Calculates actual values of chart elements. Actual values inlude position of elements that implement IActualLayout interface (IActualLayout.ActualX, IActualLayout.ActualY, IActualLayout.ActualWidth, IActualLayout.ActualHeight) and actual axes values (IAxis.ActualMaxValue, IAxis.ActualMinValue, IAxis.ActualMajorUnit, IAxis.ActualMinorUnit, IAxis.ActualMajorUnitScale, IAxis.ActualMinorUnitScale)

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