IChartDataPoint interface

Represents series data point.

public interface IChartDataPoint : IActualLayout


AsIActualLayout { get; }Returns IActualLayout interface.
BubbleSize { get; }Returns the bubble size of chart data point. Read-only IDoubleChartValue.
ColorValue { get; }Returns the color value of chart data point. Used with Map charts. Read-only IDoubleChartValue.
DataPointLevels { get; }Returns container of data point levels. Applied for Treeamp and Sunburst series. Data point levels indexing is zero-based.
ErrorBarsCustomValues { get; }Represents series error bars values in case of Custom value type. Read-only IErrorBarsCustomValues.
Explosion { get; set; }Specifies the amount the data point shall be moved from the center of the pie. Read/write Int32.
Format { get; set; }Represents the formatting properties. Read/write IFormat.
Index { get; }Determines which of the parent’s children collection this data point applies to. Read UInt32.
InvertIfNegative { get; set; }Specifies the data point shall invert its colors if the value is negative. Read/write Boolean.
IsBubble3D { get; set; }Specifies that the bubbles have a 3-D effect applied to them. Read/write Boolean.
Label { get; }Represents the lable of chart data point. Read-only IDataLabel.
Marker { get; }Specifies a data marker. Read-only IMarker.
RelatedLegendEntry { get; }Properties of corresponding legend entry in case of chart type from this list: ChartType.BarOfPie, ChartType.ExplodedPie, ChartType.ExplodedPie3D, ChartType.Pie, ChartType.Pie3D, ChartType.PieOfPie. Read-only ILegendEntryProperties.
SetAsTotal { get; set; }Sets data point as total. Applied for Waterfall series type only.
SizeValue { get; }Returns the size value of chart data point. Used with Treemap and Sunburst charts. Read-only IDoubleChartValue.
Value { get; }Returns the value of chart data point. Read-only IDoubleChartValue.
XValue { get; }Returns the x value of chart data point. Read-only IStringOrDoubleChartValue.
YValue { get; }Returns the y value of chart data point. Read-only IDoubleChartValue.


GetAutomaticDataPointColor()Returns an automatic color of data point based on series index, data point index, ParentSeriesGroup.IsColorVaried propery and chart style. This color is used by default if FillType equals NotDefined.
Remove()Removes DataPoint from chart series.

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