ImageTransformOperationFactory class

Allows to create image transform operations

public class ImageTransformOperationFactory : IImageTransformOperationFactory


Name Description
ImageTransformOperationFactory() The default constructor.


Name Description
CreateAlphaBiLevel(float) Creates Alpha BiLevel effect.
CreateAlphaFloor() Creates Alpha floor effect.
CreateAlphaInverse() Creates Alpha inverse effect.
CreateAlphaModulate() Creates Alpha modulate effect.
CreateAlphaModulateFixed(float) Creates Alpha modulate fixed effect.
CreateAlphaReplace(float) Creates Alpha replace effect.
CreateAlphCeiling() Creates Alpha Ceiling effect.
CreateBiLevel(float) Creates BiLevel effect.
CreateBlur(double, bool) Creates Blur effect.
CreateColorChange() Creates Color change effect.
CreateColorReplace() Creates Color replace effect.
CreateDuotone() Creates Duotone effect.
CreateFillOverlay() Creates Fill overlay effect.
CreateGrayScale() Creates Gray scale effect.
CreateHSL(float, float, float) Creates Hue Saturation Luminance effect.
CreateLuminance(float, float) Createtes Luminance effect.
CreateTint(float, float) Creates Tint effect.


For COM compatibility.

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