PptxOptions class

Represents options for saving OpenXml presentations (PPTX, PPSX, POTX, PPTM, PPSM, POTM).

public sealed class PptxOptions : SaveOptions, IPptxOptions


Name Description
PptxOptions() Creates new instance of PptxOptions


Name Description
Conformance { get; set; } Specifies the conformance class to which the Presentation document conforms. Default value is Ecma376_2006
DefaultRegularFont { get; set; } Returns or sets font used in case source font is not found. Read-write String.
ProgressCallback { get; set; } Represents a callback object for saving progress updates in percentage. See IProgressCallback.
WarningCallback { get; set; } Returns of sets an object which receives warnings and decides whether loading process will continue or will be aborted. Read/write IWarningCallback.

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