IMathArray interface

Specifies a vertical array of equations or any mathematical objects

public interface IMathArray : IMathElement


Name Description
Arguments { get; } The set of items of the array
AsIMathElement { get; } Allows to get base IMathElement interface IMathElement
BaseJustification { get; set; } Specifies alignment of the array relative to surrounding text Text outside of the array can be aligned with the bottom, top, or center of a array object. Default value: Center
MaximumDistribution { get; set; } Maximum Distribution When true, the array is spaced to the maximum width of the containing element(page, column, cell, etc.).
ObjectDistribution { get; set; } Object Distribution When true, the contents of the array are spaced to the maximum width of the array object.
RowSpacing { get; set; } Spacing between rows of an array It is used only when RowSpacingRule is set to 3 Exactly in which case the unit of measure is points or Multiple in which case the unit of measure is half-lines. Default: 0
RowSpacingRule { get; set; } The type of vertical spacing between array elements



IMathArray mathArray = new MathArray(new MathematicalText("item1"));

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