IMathBlock interface

Specifies an instance of mathematical text that contained within a MathParagraph and starts on its own line. All math zones, including equations, expressions, arrays of equations or expressions, and formulas are represented by math block.

public interface IMathBlock : IMathElement, IMathElementCollection


Name Description
AsIMathElement { get; } Allows to get base IMathElement interface IMathElement
AsIMathElementCollection { get; } Allows to get base IMathElementCollection interface IMathElementCollection


Name Description
Delimit(char) Delimits all child elements with separator character (without the brackets)
Enclose(char, char, char) Encloses child elements of this block in specified characters such as parenthesis or another as framing and delimit with a separator character
JoinBlock(IMathBlock) Joins another mathematical block with this one
WriteAsMathMl(Stream) Saves content of this IMathBlock as MathML



IMathBlock mathBlock = new MathBlock();

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