IMathBlockCollection interface

Collection of math blocks (IMathBlock)

public interface IMathBlockCollection : IEnumerable<IMathBlock>


Name Description
AsIEnumerable { get; } Allows to get base IEnumerable interface IEnumerable
Count { get; } Gets the number of elements actually contained in the collection. Read-only Int32.
Item { get; set; } Gets the item at the specified index. Read-only IMathBlock.


Name Description
Add(IMathBlock) Adds IMathBlock to the end of collection.
Clear() Removes all elements from the collection.
Contains(IMathBlock) Determines whether the collection contains a specific value.
IndexOf(IMathBlock) Determines the index of a specific IMathBlock in collection.
Insert(int, IMathBlock) Inserts IMathBlock into the collection at the specified index.
Remove(IMathBlock) Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the collection/>.
RemoveAt(int) Removes an item at the specified index of the collection.



IMathBlockCollection blockCollection = new MathParagraph();

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