IMathFraction interface

Specifies the fraction object, consisting of a numerator and denominator separated by a fraction bar. The fraction bar can be horizontal or diagonal, depending on the fraction properties. The fraction object is also used to represent the stack function, which places one element above another, with no fraction bar.

public interface IMathFraction : IMathElement


Name Description
AsIMathElement { get; } Allows to get base IMathElement interface IMathElement
Denominator { get; } Denominator
FractionType { get; set; } Fraction type Default: Bar
Numerator { get; } Numerator



IMathFraction mathFraction = new MathematicalText("x").Divide("y");
IMathFraction mathFraction2 = new MathFraction(new MathematicalText("x"), new MathematicalText("y"), MathFractionTypes.Linear);

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