IMathGroupingCharacter interface

Specifies a grouping symbol above or below an expression, usually to highlight the relationship between elements

public interface IMathGroupingCharacter : IMathElement


AsIMathElement { get; }Allows to get base IMathElement interface IMathElement
Base { get; }Base argument
Character { get; set; }Grouping Character Default value: U+23DF (BOTTOM CURLY BRACKET)
Position { get; set; }Position of grouping character. Default: Bottom
VerticalJustification { get; set; }Vertical justification of group character. Specifies the alignment of the object with respect to the baseline. For example, when the group character is above the object, VerticalJustification of Top signifies that the top of the object falls on the baseline; when VerticalJustification is set to Bottom, the bottom of the object is on the baseline Default: Bottom for Position=Top, and Top for Position=Bottom



IMathGroupingCharacter groupingElement = new MathematicalText("x;y;z").Group();

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