IMathRightSubSuperscriptElement interface

Specifies the Sub-Superscript object, which consists of a base and a subscript and superscript placed to the right of the base.

public interface IMathRightSubSuperscriptElement : IMathElement


Name Description
AlignScripts { get; set; } Specifies the alignment of subscript/superscript. When true, subscript and superscript are aligned horizontally to each other. When false, they are kerned to the shape of the base. Default value is false.
AsIMathElement { get; } Allows to get base IMathElement interface IMathElement
Base { get; } Base argument
Subscript { get; } Subscript argument
Superscript { get; } Superscript argument



IMathRightSubSuperscriptElement subsuperscript = new MathematicalText("N").SetSubSuperscriptOnTheRight("i", "j");

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