SmartArtNode class

Represents node of a SmartArt object

public sealed class SmartArtNode : ISmartArtNode


BulletFillFormat { get; }Returns the FillFormat object that contains fill formatting properties for a node bullet. Note: can return null for certain types of SmartArt layout which does not provide bullets for nodes. Read-only IFillFormat.
ChildNodes { get; }Returns collections of all child nodes of the current node. Read-only ISmartArtNodeCollection.
IsAssistant { get; set; }Returns or sets the node as assistant. Read/write Boolean.
IsHidden { get; }Returns true if this node is a hidden node in the data model. Read-only Boolean.
Level { get; }Returns nesting level of the node. Read-only Int32.
OrganizationChartLayout { get; set; }Returns or sets organization chart layout type associated with current node. Read/write OrganizationChartLayoutType.
Position { get; set; }Returns or sets zero-based position of node among sibling nodes. Read/write Int32.
Shapes { get; }Returns collections of all shapes associated with the node. Read-only ISmartArtShapeCollection.
TextFrame { get; }Returns or sets text of the node. Read-only ITextFrame.


Remove()Remove current node.

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