Control class

Represents an ActiveX control.

public class Control : DomObject<ControlCollection>, IControl


ActiveXControlBinary { get; }Specifies the persistence of an ActiveX control when the method used to persist is either PersistStream, PersistStreamInit or PersistStorage.
ClassId { get; set; }Gets class id of this control. Read-only Guid.
Frame { get; set; }Returns or sets control’s frame. Read/write IShapeFrame.
Name { get; set; }Gets or sets the name of this control. Read/write String.
Persistence { get; }Gets the method used to store properties of the ActiveX control. Read only PersistenceType.
Properties { get; }Returns a collection of ActiveX properties. Note: Aspose.Slides supports only XML based ActiveX properties. If properties stored in binary format, this property will return null. Read-only IControlPropertiesCollection.
SubstitutePictureFormat { get; }Returns Control image fill properties object. Read-only IPictureFillFormat.

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