GlobalLayoutSlideCollection class

Represents a collection of all layout slides in presentation. Extends LayoutSlideCollection class with methods for adding/cloning layout slides in context of uniting of the individual collections of master’s layout slides.

public sealed class GlobalLayoutSlideCollection : LayoutSlideCollection, 


Count { get; }Returns the number of layout slides in a collection. Read-only Int32.
IsSynchronized { get; }Returns a value indicating whether access to the collection is synchronized (thread-safe). Read-only Boolean.
Item { get; }Returns the layout slide by index. Read-only LayoutSlide.
SyncRoot { get; }Returns a synchronization root. Read-only Object.


Add(IMasterSlide, SlideLayoutType, string)Adds a new layout slide to the presentation.
AddClone(ILayoutSlide)Adds a copy of a specified layout slide to the presentation.
AddClone(ILayoutSlide, IMasterSlide)Adds a copy of a specified layout slide to the presentation.
CopyTo(Array, int)Copies all elements from the collection to the specified array.
GetByType(SlideLayoutType)Returns the first layout slide of specified type. A type of layout slide to find.LayoutSlide with specified type or null if no layouts found.
GetEnumerator()Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
Remove(ILayoutSlide)Removes a layout from the collection.
RemoveUnused()Removes unused layout slides (layout slides whose HasDependingSlides is false).

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