IAutoShape interface

Represents an AutoShape.

public interface IAutoShape : IGeometryShape


Name Description
AsIGeometryShape { get; } Allows to get base IGeometryShape interface. Read-only IGeometryShape.
AutoShapeLock { get; } Returns AutoShape’s locks. Read-only IAutoShapeLock.
IsTextBox { get; } Specifies if the shape is a text box.
ShapeLock { get; } Returns shape’s locks. Read-only IAutoShapeLock.
TextFrame { get; } Returns TextFrameEx object for the AutoShapeEx. Read-only ITextFrame.
UseBackgroundFill { get; set; } Determines whether this autoshape should be filled with slide’s background fill instead of specified by style or fill format. Read/write Boolean.


Name Description
AddTextFrame(string) Adds a new TextFrameEx to a shape. If shape already has TextFrameEx then simply changes its text.

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