IBlobManagementOptions.MaxBlobsBytesInMemory property

Defines the maximum amount (in bytes) that all BLOBs in total may occupy in memory. First, all BLOBs loading into memory as default behavior and only when it reaches the limit defined by this property, other mechanisms (such as temporary files) can be involved. In terms of performance, the most efficient way is storing BLOBs in memory, but from the other side, it leads to a high memory consumption what may be undesirable. Using this property, you may set the optimal behavior for your environment or other requirements. This property will be ignored if IsTemporaryFilesAllowed is set to false. It makes no sense to limit the maximum BLOBs in memory, because if IsTemporaryFilesAllowed is set to false, the memory is the only place where BLOBs can be stored. Default value is 629,145,600 bytes (600Mb).

public ulong MaxBlobsBytesInMemory { get; set; }

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