Represents a hyperlink.

public interface IHyperlink


ActionType { get; }Returns type of HyperLinkEx’s action. Read-only HyperlinkActionType.
ColorSource { get; set; }Represents the source of hyperlink color - either styles or portion format. Read/write HyperlinkColorSource.
ExternalUrl { get; }Specifies the external URL If this property become not null then property TargetSlide become null. Read-only String.
HighlightClick { get; set; }Determines whether the hyperlink should be highlighted on click. Read/write Boolean.
History { get; set; }Determines whether the target of the parent hyperlink shall be added to a list of viewed hyperlinks when it is invoked. Read/write Boolean.
Sound { get; set; }Represents the playing sound of the hyperlink. Read/write IAudio.
StopSoundOnClick { get; set; }Determines whether the sound should be stopped on hyperlink click. Read/write Boolean.
TargetFrame { get; set; }Returns the frame within the parent HTML frameset for the target of the parent hyperlink when one exists. Read/write String.
TargetSlide { get; }If the HyperlinkEx targets specific slide returns this slide. If the property become not null then property ExternalUrl become null. Read-only ISlide.
Tooltip { get; set; }Returns the string which may be surfaced in a user interface as associated with the parent hyperlink. Read/write String.


Equals(IHyperlink)Determines whether the two Hyperlink instances are equal.

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