IMasterSlide interface

Represents a master slide in a presentation.

public interface IMasterSlide : IBaseSlide, IMasterThemeable


AsIBaseSlide { get; }Allows to get base IBaseSlide interface. Read-only IBaseSlide.
AsIMasterThemeable { get; }Returns IMasterThemeable interface. Read-only IMasterThemeable.
BodyStyle { get; }Returns the style of a body text. Read-only ITextStyle.
HasDependingSlides { get; }Returns true if there exists at least one slide that depends on this master slide. Read-only Boolean.
HeaderFooterManager { get; }Returns HeaderFooter manager of the master slide. Read-only IMasterSlideHeaderFooterManager.
LayoutSlides { get; }Returns the collection of child layout slides for this master slide. Read-only IMasterLayoutSlideCollection.
OtherStyle { get; }Returns the style of an other text. Read-only ITextStyle.
Preserve { get; set; }Determines whether the corresponding master is deleted when all the slides that follow that master are deleted. Note: Aspose.Slides will never remove any unused master by itself, to actually remove unused masters call RemoveUnused Read/write Boolean.
TitleStyle { get; }Returns the style of a title text. Read-only ITextStyle.


ApplyExternalThemeToDependingSlides(string)Creates a new master slide based on the current one, applying an external theme to it and applies the created master slide to all dependent slides.
GetDependingSlides()Returns an array with all slides, which depend on this master slide.

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