IOleObjectFrame interface

Represents an OLE object on a slide.

public interface IOleObjectFrame : IGraphicalObject


AsIGraphicalObject { get; }Allows to get base IGraphicalObject interface. Read-only IGraphicalObject.
EmbeddedData { get; }Gets information about OLE embedded data. Read only IOleEmbeddedDataInfo.
EmbeddedFileLabel { get; }Returns the file name of embedded OLE object
EmbeddedFileName { get; }Returns the path of embedded OLE object
IsObjectIcon { get; set; }Determines whether an object is visible as icon. Read/write Boolean.
IsObjectLink { get; }Determines whether an object is linked to external file. Read-only Boolean.
LinkFileName { get; }Returns the full path to a linked file. Short file name will be used. Read-only String.
LinkPathLong { get; set; }Returns the full path to a linked file. Long file name will be used. Read/write String.
LinkPathRelative { get; }Returns the relative path to a linked file if present, otherwise returns an empty string. Readonly String.
ObjectName { get; set; }Returns or sets the name of an object. Read/write String.
ObjectProgId { get; set; }Returns the ProgID of an object. Read olny String.
SubstitutePictureFormat { get; }Returns OleObject image fill properties object. Read-only IPictureFillFormat.
SubstitutePictureTitle { get; set; }Returns or sets the title for OleObject icon. Read/write String.
UpdateAutomatic { get; set; }Determines if the linked embedded object is automatically updated when the presentation is opened or printed. Read/write Boolean.


SetEmbeddedData(IOleEmbeddedDataInfo)Sets information about OLE embedded data.

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