IParagraph interface

Represents a paragraph of a text.

public interface IParagraph : ISlideComponent


AsISlideComponent { get; }Allows to get base ISlideComponent interface. Read-only ISlideComponent.
EndParagraphPortionFormat { get; set; }Specifies the portion properties that are to be used if another portion is inserted after the last one.
ParagraphFormat { get; }Returns the formatting object for this paragraph. Read-only IParagraphFormat.
Portions { get; }Returns the collection of a text portions. Read-only IPortionCollection.
Text { get; set; }Gets or sets the the plain text of a paragraph. Read/write String.


GetLinesCount()Get number of lines in a paragraph.
GetRect()Get coordinates of rect that bounds paragraph. The rect includes all the lines of text in paragraph, including empty ones.
JoinPortionsWithSameFormatting()Joins runs with same formatting.

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