IPortionFormat interface

This class contains the text portion formatting properties. Unlike IPortionFormatEffectiveData, all properties of this class are writeable.

public interface IPortionFormat : IBasePortionFormat, IHyperlinkContainer


AsIBasePortionFormat { get; }Returns IBasePortionFormat interface. Read-only IBasePortionFormat.
AsIHyperlinkContainer { get; }Allows to get base IHyperlinkContainer interface. Read-only IHyperlinkContainer.
BookmarkId { get; set; }Returns or sets bookmark identifier. Read/write String.
SmartTagClean { get; set; }Determines whether the smart tag should be cleaned. No inheritance applied. Read/write Boolean.


GetEffective()Gets effective portion formatting data with the inheritance applied.


This class is used to return and manipulate text portion formatting properties defined for the particular portion. This means that no inheritance is applied when getting values so for the majority of cases you will get values meaning “undefined”.

In order to get the effective formatting parameter values including inherited you need to use GetEffective method which returns a IPortionFormatEffectiveData instance.

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