IPresentationInfo interface

Information about presentation file

public interface IPresentationInfo


IsEncrypted { get; }Gets True if binded presentation is encrypted, otherwise False. Read-only Boolean.
IsPasswordProtected { get; }Gets a value that indicates whether a binded presentation is protected by a password to open.
IsWriteProtected { get; }Gets a value that indicates whether a binded presentation is write protected.
LoadFormat { get; }Gets format of the binded presentation. Read-only LoadFormat.


CheckPassword(string)Checks whether a password is correct for a presentation protected with open password.
CheckWriteProtection(string)Checks whether a password to modify is correct for a write protected presentation.
ReadDocumentProperties()Gets document properties of binded presentation.
UpdateDocumentProperties(IDocumentProperties)Updates properties of binded presentation.
WriteBindedPresentation(Stream)Writes binded presentation to stream.
WriteBindedPresentation(string)Writes binded presentation to file.

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