ISlide interface

Represents a slide in a presentation.

public interface ISlide : IBaseSlide, IOverrideThemeable


AsIBaseSlide { get; }Allows to get base IBaseSlide interface. Read-only IBaseSlide.
AsIOverrideThemeable { get; }Returns IOverrideThemeable interface. Read-only IOverrideThemeable.
HeaderFooterManager { get; }Returns HeaderFooter manager of the slide. Read-only ISlideHeaderFooterManager.
Hidden { get; set; }Determines whether the specified slide is hidden during a slide show. Read/write Boolean.
LayoutSlide { get; set; }Returns or sets the layout slide for the current slide. Read/write ILayoutSlide.
NotesSlideManager { get; }Allow to access notes slide, add and remove it. Read-only INotesSlideManager.
SlideNumber { get; set; }Returns a number of slide. Index of slide in Slides collection is always equal to SlideNumber - 1. Read/write Int32.


GetImage()Returns a Thumbnail Image object (20% of real size).
GetImage(IRenderingOptions)Returns a Thumbnail Bitmap object.
GetImage(ITiffOptions)Returns a Thumbnail tiff bitmap object with specified parameters.
GetImage(Size)Returns an image object with specified size.
GetImage(float, float)Returns an image object with custom scaling.
GetImage(IRenderingOptions, Size)Returns a Thumbnail Bitmap object with specified size.
GetImage(IRenderingOptions, float, float)Returns a Thumbnail Bitmap object with custom scaling.
GetSlideComments(ICommentAuthor)Returns all slide comments added by specific author.
Remove()Removes slide from presentation.
Reset()Resets position, size and formatting of every shape that has a prototype on LayoutSlide.
WriteAsSvg(Stream)Saves content of slide as SVG file.
WriteAsSvg(Stream, ISVGOptions)Saves content of slide as SVG file.

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