ISummaryZoomSectionCollection.AddSummaryZoomSection method

Creates new Summary Zoom Section object and add it to the collection

public ISummaryZoomSection AddSummaryZoomSection(ISection section)
Parameter Type Description
section ISection Section for a new Summary Zoom Section element ISection

Return Value

Added ISummaryZoomFrame element


If an element for this section already exists in the collection, the existing element is returned.


The example demonstrates getting Summary Zoom Section element by index:

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation("pres.pptx"))
    ISummaryZoomFrame zoomFrame = (ISummaryZoomFrame) pres.Slides[1].Shapes[0];
    ISummaryZoomSectionCollection collection = zoomFrame.SummaryZoomCollection;
    ISummaryZoomSection newZoomSection = collection.AddSummaryZoomSection(pres.Sections[3]);

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