ITextFrameFormatEffectiveData interface

Immutable object which contains effective text frame formatting properties.

public interface ITextFrameFormatEffectiveData


AnchoringType { get; }Returns vertical anchor text in a TextFrame. Read-only TextAnchorType.
AutofitType { get; }Returns text autofit mode. Read-only TextAutofitType.
CenterText { get; }Returns if text should be centered in box horizontally. Read-only Boolean.
ColumnCount { get; }Specifies the number of columns of text in the bounding rectangle. Read-only Int32.
ColumnSpacing { get; }Specifies the space between text columns in the text area (in points). Read-only Single.
MarginBottom { get; }Returns the bottom margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only Double.
MarginLeft { get; }Returns the left margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only Double.
MarginRight { get; }Returns the right margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only Double.
MarginTop { get; }Returns the top margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only Double.
TextStyle { get; }Returns effective text’s style. Read-only ITextStyleEffectiveData.
TextVerticalType { get; }Returns text orientation. Read-only TextVerticalType.
WrapText { get; }Returns if text is wrapped at TextFrame’s margins. Read-only Boolean.


This interface is used together with the ITextFrameFormat interface to return effective formatting values with inheritance applied.

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