IThreeDFormat interface

Represents 3-D properties.

public interface IThreeDFormat : IThreeDParamSource


AsIThreeDParamSource { get; }Allows to get base IThreeDParamSource interface. Read-only IThreeDParamSource.
BevelBottom { get; }Returns or sets the type of a bottom 3D bevel. Read-only IShapeBevel.
BevelTop { get; }Returns or sets the type of a top 3D bevel. Read-only IShapeBevel.
Camera { get; }Returns or sets the settings of a camera. Read-only ICamera.
ContourColor { get; }Returns or sets the color of a contour. Read-only IColorFormat.
ContourWidth { get; set; }Returns or sets the width of a 3D contour. Read/write Double.
Depth { get; set; }Returns or sets the depth of a 3D shape. Read/write Double.
ExtrusionColor { get; }Returns or sets the color of an extrusion. Read-only IColorFormat.
ExtrusionHeight { get; set; }Returns or sets the height of an extrusion effect. Read/write Double.
LightRig { get; }Returns or sets the type of a light. Read-only ILightRig.
Material { get; set; }Returns or sets the type of a material. Read/write MaterialPresetType.


GetEffective()Gets effective 3-D formatting data with the inheritance applied.

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