LoadingStreamBehavior enumeration

The Stream passed to a method is considered as a Binary Large Object (BLOB) (see IBlobManagementOptions description). Values of this enumeration identify how the Stream should be treated when it passed to the method. Depending on the requirements, different decisions could be made to provide the most efficient behavior.

public enum LoadingStreamBehavior


ReadStreamAndRelease0The stream will be read to the end and then released - i.e. it will be guaranteed that this stream will not be used by IPresentation instance in the future. It can be closed by the client code or used in any other way.
KeepLocked1The stream will be locked inside the IPresentation object, i.e. the ownership of the stream will be transferred. The IPresentation object will be responsible to correctly dispose the stream when this object will be disposed itself. This behavior is extremely useful when you need to serialize a large BLOB file (such as a large video or audio -see IBlobManagementOptions description) and want to prevent loading this file into memory or other performance issues. You may just open the FileStream for this file and pass to a method, choosing KeepLocked LoadingStreamBehavior.

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