NotesSlide class

Represents a notes slide in a presentation.

public class NotesSlide : BaseSlide, INotesSlide


Background { get; }Returns slide’s background. Read-only IBackground.
Controls { get; }Returns the collection of ActiveX controls on a slide. Read-only IControlCollection.
CustomData { get; }Returns the slide’s custom data. Read-only ICustomData.
HeaderFooterManager { get; }Returns HeaderFooter manager of the notes slide. Read-only INotesSlideHeaderFooterManager.
HyperlinkQueries { get; }Provides easy access to contained hyperlinks. Read-only IHyperlinkQueries.
virtual Name { get; set; }Returns or sets the name of a slide. Read/write String.
NotesTextFrame { get; }Returns a TextFrame with notes’ text if there is one. Read-only ITextFrame.
ParentSlide { get; }Returns the parent slide. Read-only ISlide.
Presentation { get; }Returns IPresentation interface. Read-only IPresentation.
Shapes { get; }Returns the shapes of a slide. Read-only IShapeCollection.
override ShowMasterShapes { get; set; }Specifies if shapes on the master slide should be shown on slides or not. Read/write Boolean.
SlideId { get; }Returns the ID of a slide. Read-only UInt32.
virtual SlideShowTransition { get; }Returns the Transition object which contains information about how the specified slide advances during a slide show. Read-only ISlideShowTransition.
ThemeManager { get; }Returns the overriding theme manager. Read-only IOverrideThemeManager.
Timeline { get; }Returns animation timeline object. Read-only IAnimationTimeLine.


CreateThemeEffective()Returns an effective theme for this slide.
Equals(IBaseSlide)Determines whether the two IBaseSlide instances are equal. Returning value is calculated based on slide’s structure and static content. Two slides are equal if all shapes, styles, texts, animation and other settings. etc. are equal. The comparison doesn’t take into account unique identifier values, e.g. SlideId and dynamic content, e.g. current date value in Date Placeholder.
FindShapeByAltText(string)Finds first occurrence of a shape with the specified alternative text.
virtual JoinPortionsWithSameFormatting()Joins runs with same formatting in all paragraphs all acceptable shapes.
virtual JoinPortionsWithSameFormatting(IShapeCollection)Joins runs with same formatting in all paragraphs in all acceptable shapes.

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