PPImage class

Represents an image in a presentation.

public class PPImage : IDisposable, IPPImage


BinaryData { get; }Returns the copy of an image’s data. Read-only Byte[].
ContentType { get; }Returns a MIME type of an image, encoded in BinaryData. Read-only String.
Height { get; }Returns a height of an image. Read-only Int32.
SvgImage { get; set; }Returns or sets ISvgImage object ISvgImage
SystemImage { get; }Returns the copy of an image. Read-only Image.
Width { get; }Returns a width of an image. Read-only Int32.
X { get; }Returns a X-offset of an image. Read-only Int32.
Y { get; }Returns a Y-offset of an image. Read-only Int32.


Dispose()Disposes object.
override GetHashCode()Returns the hash code of an image.
ReplaceImage(byte[])Replaces image data. The new image’s data.When newImageData parameter is null.
ReplaceImage(Image)Replaces image data. Attention: when Image is metafile - it will be rasterized due to restrictions of GDI+. Use ReplaceImage(byte[]) instead The new image.When newImage parameter is null.
ReplaceImage(IPPImage)Replaces image data. The new IPPImage.When newImage parameter is null.

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