Aspose.Slides for Python via .NET


aspose.slidesContains classes for work with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.
aspose.slides.animationContains classes for work with animation in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.chartsContains classes for work with charts in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.dom.oleContains classes for work with OLE objects in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.effectsContains classes for work with various effects in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.exportContains classes for exporting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to different formats like HTML, PDF, SVG, XPS and others.
aspose.slides.export.webContains classes for exporting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to HTML with extension projects.
aspose.slides.export.xamlContains classes for exporting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to XAML.
aspose.slides.importingContains classes for importing data into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.inkContains classes for work with Ink
aspose.slides.lowcodeContains classes that allows you to perform popular operations using only a few lines of code.
aspose.slides.mathtextContains classes for work with mathematical text in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.slideshowContains classes for managing slideshows and slide transitions.
aspose.slides.smartartContains classes for work with SmartArt objects.
aspose.slides.spreadsheetContains classes for work with spreadsheet objects in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
aspose.slides.themeContains classes for work with different types of themes.
aspose.slides.utilContains util classes that helps to work with presentations.
aspose.slides.vbaContains classes for work with VBA macros.
aspose.slides.warningsContains classes that represents various kind of warnings.