Effect class

Represents animation effect.

The Effect type exposes the following members:


Name Description
sequence Returns a sequence for an effect.
Read-only ISequence.
text_animation TextAnimation
Read-only ITextAnimation.
preset_class_type Defines class of effect.
Read/write EffectPresetClassType.
type Defines type of effect.
Read/write EffectType.
subtype Defines subtype of effect.
Read/write EffectSubtype.
behaviors Returns collection of behavior for effect.
Read/write IBehaviorCollection.
timing Defines timing value for effect.
Read/write ITiming.
target_shape Returns target shape for effect.
Read-only IShape.
sound Defined embedded sound for effect.
Read/write IAudio.
stop_previous_sound This attribute specifies if the animation effect stops the previous sound.
Read/write bool.

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