IChartCategory class

Represents chart categories.

The IChartCategory type exposes the following members:


Name Description
use_cell If true then AsCell property is actual. In other words, worksheet is used for
storing category (this case supports a multi-level category).
If false then AsLiteral property is actual. In other words, worksheet is NOT used
for storing category (and this case doesn’t support a multi-level categories).
Read-only bool.
as_cell Returns or sets IChartDataCell object.
If category is multi-level then used IChartDataCell object for level “0”.
Read/write IChartDataCell.
as_literal Returns or sets AsLiteral if UseCell is false.
Read/write object.
value If UseCell is true then this property represents AsCell.Value property.
If UseCell is false then this property represents AsLiteral property.
Read/write object.
grouping_levels Managed container of the values of the chart category grouping levels.
Multi-level category contain more then one grouping level.
Grouping levels indexing is zero-based.
Read-only IChartCategoryLevelsManager.


Name Description
remove() Removes category from chart.

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