IPptOptions class

Provides options that control how a presentation is saved in PPT format.

The IPptOptions type exposes the following members:


root_directory_clsidRepresents the object class GUID (CLSID) that is stored in the root directory entry. Can be used for COM
activation of the document’s application.
The default value is ‘64818D11-4F9B-11CF-86EA-00AA00B929E8’ that corresponds to ‘Microsoft Powerpoint.Slide.8’.
as_i_save_optionsReturns ISaveOptions interface.
Read-only ISaveOptions.
warning_callbackReturns or sets an object which receives warnings and decides whether loading process will continue or will be aborted.
Read/write IWarningCallback.
progress_callbackRepresents a callback object for saving progress updates in percentage.
See IProgressCallback.
default_regular_fontReturns or sets font used in case source font is not found.
Read-write string.

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