ShapeUtil class

ShapeUtil class

Offer methods which helps to process shapes objects.

The ShapeUtil type exposes the following members:


graphics_path_to_geometry_pathConverts a aspose.pydrawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath to the IGeometryPath
Return value of the method call can be used to change the geometry of a IGeometryShape object with
IGeometryShape.SetGeometryPaths method.
geometry_path_to_graphics_pathConverts IGeometryPath to aspose.pydrawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath.

GraphicsPath can be transformed in a different ways using its convenient methods and then transformed back into
the IGeometryPath to use in GeometryShape via Aspose.Slides.Util.ShapeUtil.GraphicsPathToGeometryPath(System.Drawing.Drawing2 method.

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