CommentAuthorCollection class

Represents a collection of comment authors.

The CommentAuthorCollection type exposes the following members:


Name Description
as_i_collection Returns ICollection class.
as_i_enumerable Returns IEnumerable class.


Name Description
[index] Gets the element at the specified index.
Read-only ICommentAuthor.


Name Description
add_author(name, initials) Add new author at the end of a collection.
to_array() Creates and returns an array with all authors.
find_by_name(name) Find author in a collection by name.
find_by_name_and_initials(name, initials) Find author in a collection by name and initials.
remove_at(index) Removes the author at the specified index of the collection.
remove(author) Removes the first occurrence of the specified author in a collection.
clear() Removes all authors from a collection.

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