GlobalLayoutSlideCollection class

Represents a collection of all layout slides in presentation.
Extends LayoutSlideCollection class with methods for adding/cloning
layout slides in context of uniting of the individual collections of master’s layout slides.

The GlobalLayoutSlideCollection type exposes the following members:


Name Description
as_i_collection Returns ICollection class.
as_i_enumerable Returns IEnumerable class.
as_i_layout_slide_collection Returns ILayoutSlideCollection interface.
Read-only ILayoutSlideCollection.


Name Description
[index] Returns the layout slide by index.
Read-only LayoutSlide.


Name Description
add_clone(source_layout) Adds a copy of a specified layout slide to the presentation.
add_clone(source_layout, dest_master) Adds a copy of a specified layout slide to the presentation.
get_by_type(type) Returns the first layout slide of specified type.
remove(value) Removes a layout from the collection.
remove_unused() Removes unused layout slides (layout slides whose HasDependingSlides is false).
add(master, layout_type, layout_name) Adds a new layout slide to the presentation.

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